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New Website

Welcome to the new NCSSL website.  During the cut over we did lose some email.  If you sent and email to the league and haven't heard back, please resend it.

Upaid / Unregistered Players

If you have not registered or have registered and not paid, the League Administrator will be available at the men's clubhouse from 5:30 - 9:00pm on Tuesday (May 23rd) and Thursday (May 25th) for you last minute people.


I have noticed that most teams have a team manager who has created an account and is receiving updates from the league.  Those of you who haven't will NOT be able to view / update / print your team rosters, manage player attendance to games, see the unpaid player list, etc....

Please make sure you register as soon as possible to ensure that you are receiving all the league communication for managers.  I'd also like to start sending out an occasional email about using the new system to manage your team  - for example the system includes a RSVP system where a team manager can ask all of their players to "check in" if they are coming to a game so that they are aware of numbers for a game.

Player Draft

The initial league draft is now complete and all players who are not on a team's protected list can only join a team through the draft system.  The next draft will be held some time in mid to late June depending on demand.  Players still on the draft list can remain to see if they will be drafted or send an email to the league to request a full refund.

Players remaining on the draft list can also opt to move to the Call Up roster and receive a partial refund.  When on this list you can play up to 8 games with any team who is short of players for a game.  Once at 8 games you will need to enter the draft to continue but this may allow you to develop a relationship with a team and get drafted.

2017 Registration Now Open!

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New to Prince George

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North Cariboo Senior Soccer League

The NCSSL is a outdoor adult men's soccer league in Prince George, BC.  Our facilities have 3 full sized soccer pitches, one with lights, around a two story clubhouse with changing rooms on the lower floor and a licensed area and balcony on the second floor.  Being in Northern BC our season runs from mid May to mid September.

League Contact

NCSSL Administrator

Team Quick Links

If you are on a team a link will appear below for quick access to your team page.  You need to login to your account to activate this feature.

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